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Audio Samples



Pirate Flags-"Ballad of John Silver"

Tom Berich:Drumset

Angelleyna-"Treat Me Like a Lady"

(Producer: Sylvia Massey)

Tom Berich - Steelpan

Markus Ello-"Almost Recognized"

Tom Berich-Drumset


The Memory Chain-WTIU

Tom Berich-Composer, Steelpan 

UpShot-"While the World Falls Apart"

Tom Berich-Steelpan


Kevin MacDowell-"Get Up Jack"

Tom Berich Steelpan, Drumset, Percussion, Vocals 

Alice DeMicele-"Waiting"

Tom Berich-Steelpan, Conga

Lara Weaver-"Dreamland" (Joni Mitchell)

Tom Berich-Congas, woodblock, shaker

Neil Persiani-"Carpe Cooler"

Tom Berich-Drumset

Tony Hardesty-"Coldness of The Water​" (traditional)

Tom Berich-Drumset, Steelpan, Conga, Percussion


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