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In June 2019 Tom is relocating to Missoula Montana! He is very excited for this next step in his life and looking forward to working in Big Sky Country!
(FYI: His wife, Lara Berich, has accepted the position of Professor of Costume Technology and Design at the University of Montana. Check out her astonishing work HERE)
       -In collaboration with Performing Arts Abroad, Tom will be designing the first official study abroad program to the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. As part of the research for this program he will be performing with legendary Hell's Gate Steel Orchestra in Antigua's annual Panorama festival in early August of 2019.   
The official launch date of this study abroad program will be July 23rd - Aug 8th 2020.
For more information (or if you would like to be considered for this program), please reach out to Tom directly through this website. 
       -In Nov of 2019 Tom will be part of a featured ensemble at the Percussive Arts  International Convention, as a tribute to his recently departed  friend and mentor (and "Father of the Modern Steel Pan") Dr. Ellie Mannette.
      -Tom, in collaboration with Ohio University student Morgan Sieg, will have an article published by the Percussive Arts Society in 2020 entitled: "Modern Percussion for the Modern Dance Student". This is an article that has been slowly been in the works for over 6 years. It began when he was working for the Indiana University School of Dance and continued (and laboriously edited) while working for Dancing People Company in Ashland OR and revisited once he was working for the Ohio University Division of Dance. Morgan, is a collaborator (that actually played with him in NY Panorama in 2018) that has exclusive experience in working with live percussion and kids/community dance ensembles. Stay tuned for details on publication dates! 
-Some recent performances/compositions include:
  • 2019 Ohio University
    • Winter Dance Concert (Composer-"NOCTURNE" Choreography: Nathan Andary)​
  • 2018   New York Panorama
    • Philadelphia Pan Stars - Director: Yohann Powell
  • 2018   Ohio University  
    • Winter Dance Concert (Composer-"Maybe it was a Full Moon"  Choreography: Travis Gatling)
  • 2018   PanRocks:Rush!  
    • Director Tracy Thornton
  • 2018   AZAGUNO 25th Anniversary of National Theatre of Ghana
    • Dir: Paschal Younge
  • 2017   PASIC Percussive Arts Society
    • MASS Steel Band 
  • 2017   Trinidad and Tobago Panorama  
    • SFORZATA Steel Orchestra Director: Jeanine Remy
  • 2017   Trinidad and Tobago Panorama
    • Silver Stars Steel Orchestra Director: Liam Teague
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